The new album from The Technicolors

is available now


I spent the month of June on a house show tour that spanned across the US and Canada and was booked entirely by whoever wanted one. Initially, about 2 months ago I felt compelled to get out and clear my head before the madness that was to come with (and to follow) our album release in July, so I told my manager about this idea I had and before we knew it (literally overnight) this trip took the shape of an actual tour, booked by ppl across the country who would dare have me, and just as importantly became a space where I could live with these songs, old and new, in their simplest, most vulnerable state. The idea was to use the social web not to project fake-fan friendship or engagement (a lot of bands do to gain 'numbers' around a big event such as a record release), but to use the net to facilitate actual performance-based experiences where I could play what we've been working on. So I boarded planes and rented cars and hopped on trains, and knocked on doors across the country. Ended up playing 34 shows + album listening parties in 27 days (many days had 2 shows). Honestly, I was so surprised impressed by everyone who hosted shows, and probably the most taken back by everyones overwhelming willingness to listen... one invaluable thing that seems to hold little weight and appears to be non existent underneath the constant wall of noise that exists in the digital world (as I've learned for myself). That silence lived with me during sleepless middle-seat flights and late night drives, and I unknowingly welcomed it with open arms. I didn't listen to music; I didn't listen to anything but myself (and @marcmaron). It was important to me that these shows were set up and executed in a specific way. I wanted to start the show immediately upon arrival, and let the songs set the foundation for the night; that this could be a reminder (mainly for myself) what it is I'm doing here and why I'm even doing this. I also wanted it to be good. Through this, I was able to connect with everyone in a way that was unassuming and pure and and actually social (the word "media" nowhere to be found).

No phones were allowed to degrade our time together or memories made. It was human and it was real. A lot of the time, the show was hosted by someone who likes the band, knows the songs, etc, but invited 15-20 ppl who had no clue who this sleep deprived dude with a guitar and a briefcase full of burned cd's and tshirts was doing in their friend's living room. Those were especially memorable, and I cherished sharing those songs for any open ears that would have 'em. After an hour+change of playing tunes, we had our own listening parties for "Metaphysical ," our new record that wasn't out at the time. Ultimately, it was an idea that seemed too good to be true but I couldn't have predicted how it would play out until I tried it. And it was great. As the tour came to an end, on the last day of June I was welcomed home in the arms of a busy week full of rehearsals, press, and exciting nonsense leading up to the release of a record that me and my brothers recorded in 21 days live and on a tape machine and through the Neve console that one of my all time favorite records was mixed on (The Bends)... Something we worked our asses off to afford to do it the way we had envisioned it. And then there was this show. THIS show that marks the release of the record that had been pushed back multiple times; This show where we finally got to let these songs breathe the same air we do. Couldn't have been a better way to start the summer then to be on the road, and come home to this show in our hometown. So I trust you'll know where I'm coming from when I say a simple "thank you" doesn't quite do the job... although I'll stick with just that. Thank you. To all who have been apart of the release, here in AZ and everywhere else in this country. What a wild ride it's been, and it's only beginning...