A letter for my friends, acquaintances... Anyone who has so graciously been a supporter of me, my life & the things that I've chosen to do with it, the paths I've chosen to explore with it, and the band I create & perform music with alongside my best friends / brothers:


As some of you know, months ago my band, The Technicolors, finished making a record that is very near & dear to our hearts called "Metaphysical". It's a collection of songs ultimately written about the void that exists between home and the places I want to go. The relationships, mistakes, trials, and accomplishments along the way. What I'm doing and what I could be doing. The square shape that is a home, next to an arrow pointed towards the circle that is the rest of the world, and that undefined, beautiful space that exists between those two bordered shapes. It's a place where I have found myself existing for the last five years, and counting. Undefined 'till you try to define it; A white canvas 'till you throw some paint on it, even if you miss the first time around. I am a musician in an independent rock band in 2017 that people in the so called "industry" have a hard time defining because we don't have an easy, two-word niche-genre that we can put on paper and describe to some agent or promoter... instead we just sound like us. And you actually have to listen to our music, our evolving story, and love it or hate it to get to know us. I have to say that we are VERY aware that this might be the hardest way to go about pursuing/ building a career as a band (or any kind of artist) this day & age, but I can tell you from experience it is the most rewarding. And honestly, I could care less... I just want to make music the same way I made it when I first accidentally made two notes on the guitar sound nice together - for me, and for no one else. Not any person, fan, or even friend. Because if it doesn't move me, push me, challenge me, free ME, then how can it be honest? How can it BE me? 


I'm writing all this to not only let you know the place these songs are coming from, but to try & explain how much it means that you would follow & support a band of desert rats on the hunt for that magic that first excited us, and how truly inspiring and life-affirming it is to see one person connect with songs that are nothing more than hand-crafted footprints of that ever-evolving quest; The never-ending dreamer's dream. 


With all this dancing around my mind, I've decided to take my thoughts, my feelings, my words, my story on the road one last time before I join the rest of the boys & we jump the page to the next chapter of what we've called "Metaphysical." So I'm excited to announce I'll be embarking on my first ever house show tour. I'll be jumpin in the van with only my guitar and a basket of tunes - some old, some new - and hitting the road to wherever you take me. The way this works is _____________

From June 1 - June 20th, I will be heading across the U.S. If you are interested in having me play at your house, coffee shop, park, etc. simply fill out the below form. 

To help fund my travels, I will be accepting donations from the guests at each show. Please list in the form how much you are willing to donate for me to play. This is simply a means of getting from state to state. Feel free to invite as many guests as possible. 

Also, as a way of saying thank you, I'll have the new record on me, and after the gig maybe we'll throw it on and have ourselves an unofficial "listening party," so you can hear some of the jams before the records out. That'd be nice.


See you this summer, cheers -B 

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